Fetal alcohol syndrome the vital choice essay

Howeversome also noted that older parents might be less accepting if they waited a long time for the child and felt that they might not be able to have another. The National Institute on Drug Abuse found thatWhite women used illegal substances when pregnant, while the figure for African-American women was 75, Hein, Another aspect of cocaine abuse and pregnancy to keep in mind is the fact that women who use cocaine during pregnancy are more likely to use alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana as well.

People with alcoholism should be immunized against hepatitis Band they may need a larger dose of the vaccine for it to be effective. It has toxic and sedative effects on the body.

In order for a child to be diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome certain criteria has to be met. Your child may be referred to a specialist team for an assessment if there's a possibility they have the condition. Sickle cell anemia, a genetic disorder in which malformed red blood cells interfere with the supply of oxygen to parts of the body.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is caused by alcohol consumption of pregnant women. Bennett, In some research, smaller head circumference and shorter body length were also related to cocaine exposure.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Recognizing that one has a problem is the first step in treatment. Bennett, Other studies have found if not lower general IQ, a less likelihood for above average IQ scores.

Babies who are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome suffer symptoms that are permanent. Your doctor or health visitor will need to know if your child was exposed to alcohol during pregnancy to make a diagnosis of foetal alcohol syndrome.

It is a clear liquid with a burning taste and a pleasant smell. If the condition persists long enough, the liver cells will die, forming fibrous scar tissue the second stage of liver deterioration, or fibrosis. When it reaches the blood supply of the baby, it can cause permanent defects to the major organs and central nervous system.

Lastly central nervous system handicaps like: Parents maturely acknowledge their child's limitations.

Fetal alcohol syndrome: Causes, treatment, and symptoms

Unlike foods, which require time for digestion, alcohol needs no digestion and is quickly absorbed. Taking into account the numerous myths surrounding substance abuse in general, but especially in regards to pregnancy, closer study of the effects cigarettes, alcohol, and cocaine enact upon the developing fetus is warranted.

Even facial abnormalities like: Some of the physical effects that occur later in a child's life that are seen a tendency to be shorter, meaning that the growth is likely to be stunted from lack of nutrients from the mother during pregnancy Cornelious et al.

fetal alcohol syndrome

Research studies differ on exactly how and in what way cocaine affects development, but the majority of research has found that the effects of cocaine exposure during pregnancy are considerably less harmful than the debilitating effects of drugs such as tobacco and alcohol.

If one takes off work who should it be? Fatty Liver and Liver Disease With moderate drinking, the liver can process alcohol fairly safely.

Foetal alcohol syndrome

To make matters worse, chronic alcohol abuse not only displaces calories from needed nutrients, but also interferes with the body?Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the only disease that is one hundred percent preventable if the mother refrains from drinking while pregnant.

Drinking liquor at all during pregnancy is not advisable. There is no way of measuring how much alcohol one can consume before defects occur, and no proof that small amounts of liquor are safe.

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Birth Defects

During alcohol metabolism, NAD becomes unavailable for the many other vital body processes for which it is needed, including glycolysis, the TCA cycle and the electron transport chain. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Causes physical and behavioral abnormalities in the fetus.

Heart Disease. Raises blood pressure, blood lipids and the risk of. The ways in which alcohol effects prenatal development. What others are saying "The affects of drinking alcohol on each stage of fetal developmentProvides a great visual for those who think that drinking at specific times during pregnancy will decrease consequences.

Free College Essay Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. What is FAS/FASD? Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a set of physical and mental birth defects that can result when. \ Health Midterm Exam. Health Midterm Exam. Let us write you a custom essay sample on.

Health Midterm Exam. making the choice to go for a walk to cope with stress is controlled by which of the following nervous systems. Which of the following are symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)?

Fetal alcohol syndrome the vital choice essay
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